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CUISR Downtown Survey Open until March 31

You are invited to complete a survey on your understanding and experience of safety in downtown Saskatoon for a research study entitled Toward a Community of Safety and Care: Exploring Public Safety in Downtown Saskatoon. The survey should take approximately 15 minutes. The study is funded by Research Junction

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Applied research projects to benefit Saskatoon residents 

Four new research projects that will benefit Saskatoon residents are advancing thanks to Research Junction, an innovative partnership between the City of Saskatoon and University of Saskatchewan (USask). Research Junction awards funding to projects that apply advanced research methods to addressing current issues in our city. 

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Sexual Assault Services of Saskatchewan and Community-University Institute for Social Research Release In-Depth Report on the State of Sexual Violence in Saskatchewan

Sexual Assault Services of Saskatchewan (SASS), the University of Saskatchewan’s Community-University

Institute for Social Research (CUISR) and Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (FSIN) are releasing an in-depth research report on the state of sexual violence in Saskatchewan on Wednesday, April 29 at 10.00 am. You can access the media event here: 


The report, Sexual Violence in Saskatchewan: Voices, Stories, Insights, and Actions from the Front Lines, aims to garner a comprehensive understanding of sexual violence in Saskatchewan through an examination of sexual violence experiences and the existing strengths and gaps in service provision. 

“Our research team is grateful for the courage, candour, and clarity of survivors who shared their stories. Too often, researchers are asked to launch conversations that open up painful histories without being able to offer meaningful solutions,” said Dr. Isobel Findlay, University Co-director at Community-University Institute for Social Research, University of Saskatchewan. “That is why this study is so important and why we are so invested in ensuring the report on findings and recommendations does not languish on a legislative shelf.” 

“When our paths crossed, the Saskatchewan First Nation Women’s Commission wholeheartedly supported the research to uncover strategies to challenge sexual violence and change societal attitudes,” said Vice Chief Heather Bear, Fourth Vice Chief of Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations. “We were extremely supportive of the research-lens that took into consideration the effects of historical and intergenerational trauma and the over-representation of Indigenous persons as targets of sexual violence. On behalf of the Women’s Commission, we commend SASS and CUISR for all the hard work and dedication towards completing the report and sexual violence action plan.” 

“Our research team has been struck by the enormous energy women in particular, although not exclusively, spend navigating structural violence. Many study participants were supporting other community members, while facing harsh conditions in their careers and personal lives,” said Dr. Marie Lovrod, Program Chair, Women’s and Gender Studies, University of Saskatchewan. “Sexual assault is both a serious problem in our province, and, at the same time, reflects larger systems of social violence.” 

“This research shows us what SASS and our member agencies already know. Sexual violence is prevalent in Saskatchewan, and must be addressed,” said Kerrie Isaac, executive director of SASS. “This report, and Action Plan can drive real change in our province. We must work together to make Saskatchewan a place

where everyone is free from threat, fear, or experience of sexual violence.”

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Promising Practices In Food Reclamation In Saskatoon. Click here to view it.

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Concerns about justice continue for Sask. sex assault suvivors



Concerns about justice continue for Sask. sex assault suvivors



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